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Do you want to get the modified version of Meitu? And then let us also remind you that we’re not going to demand you to abandon this dream. We have the Meitu Mod APK Download available right here at! Are you crazy about photo and video enhancement, and want to experience all the premium features without paying a single dime for the AI art App?

Search no more. You are exactly where you should be. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the whole thing that you need to know concerning Meitu Mod APK VIP Unlocked latest version, from the installation and downloading process, through its best features, to the safety rules you should follow while using it. Are you ready? Let’s get started, and take your editing skills to the next level.

Download Meitu Premium APK Latest Version

App Name

Meitu – Ai Art



Latest Update

Jun 19, 2024


Meitu Inc.

Required OS

Android 8.0 & Up








What is Meitu APK?

Meitu APK has been developed by Meitu, Inc., the Chinese tech company, as a turning point in photography and video editing apps. The fast growth and popularity of Meitu APK Download Latest Version worldwide- after its 2008 official release, this brand has become the most known photo editing software. The app which has more than a billion users all over the world has gained their trust, because of its AI software that is not only powerful but easy to use at the same time.

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Basic Features of Meitu APK

AI Art

Meitu’s AI art function is able to make looks of ordinary photos into artistic impressions with only one switch. This function uses AI state of the art algorithms and impersonates various styles of painting so your images will be turned into digital masterpieces.

Beautification Tools

Meitu App Download has a bunch of trips that a person can use to beautify their selfies. Besides, these technologies help to smooth problems with the skin, whiten your teeth, make your face more expressive, and so on, so that you will be beautiful with a unique style.

Filters and Effects

 In the Meitu APK Download Latest Version, users have the opportunity to choose among an outstanding number of filters and effects, from warm vintage feeling to bright modern looks. With the help of this editing stuff, you may be sure to give your photos a desired tonality as well as the needed mood.

Video Editing

Besides photography editing, which is the main function, Download Meitu Video Editor also provides a rich array of features which are robust and specialize with video editing. Editors would be able to cut out some scenes, add music, apply effects and create videos that are of a high quality without having to leave their comfort zone.

Collage Maker

 You can use collage maker to create amazing collages from your numerous photos which can be a great work of art. I have created an interactive feature which can be used for creating social media posts that elicit audience engagement.

Stickers and Text

Bring your photo creation to life by customizing it with your choice of stickers as well as text options available. Whether you’re playing with dynamic features or loaded with captivating sayings, Download Meitu APK Full Unlocked can make this happen for you.

Photo Editing Tools

An awesome thing about Meitu App APK Download Latest Version is users are treated to a full package of editing tools. This incorporates capabilities that allow users to work with the above mentioned features, like adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, and more advanced tools that allow them to crop, rotate and manipulate images with precision.

Expanded Collage 

The top one comes with a lot of pre-built form templates and allows you to add a more customize level of photo collage designing. People can just pick the frames, backgrounds and borders that they like most to complement the collage.

Video Editing Enhancements

Furthermore, it has the ability to support high-definition videos, which is the main outstanding feature. Through various functions like the trimming, merging and adding effects, video users can now make their videos easier and more flexible to edit hence creating high-end video content

Beauty Camera

Meitu’s beauty camera aids you in improving the selfie looks with the help of its innovative tools. It helps to give you all beauty effects like skin smoothing, blemish removal, face slimming to have an amazing face. In addition to that, you have the privilege to alter traits like the color of your skin, size of the eyes and shape or appearance of the face as you wish to suit your unique look.

Photo Retouching

All these live leaves-in your images need not be destroyed no matter if unwanted or not. Download Meitu Premium APK photo retouching tools allow you to do so with ease. you have the clone tool to cover up imperfection, smooth away wrinkles or get rid of brands that will take away focus from your images.

Real-Time Editing

With its beauty camera, Meitu APK Download lets you edit your photos on the fly, or even while you are scrolling through your Instagram Galaxy. This actually allows for you to see the changes you’ve made in real time and you can instantaneously edit your work to get that ideal outcome.

Filters & Effects Library

Download Meitu VIP Unlocked is a highly varied filtration that will enable you to modify your photography and video recordings to the desired levels. Many photo editing apps today come with a plethora of filters ranging from the classic retro styles to the dramatic artistic ones that you can simply tap to change the overall look and feel of your images.

Text Overlay

Meitu App provides you with options to include text preset sentences on your photos to communicate messages or quotes among others. You have many different fonts, colors, and styles to choose from so that the text can go along your mood or if you’re trying to set the theme.

Background Removal

Given that Meitu’s background removal tool can be used to separate a subject from its background with just a click of a button resulting in captivating visual effects, Meitu’s background removal tool allows users to easily separate a subject from its background with just a click of a button because of the visual effects that it produces.


Meitu App embraces automatic adjustment capabilities that study your photos and then make improvements including image exposure settings, white balance adjustment and color improvement, and so on. This allows you to have the text optimized and outlook fresh with little to no workload on your part.

Image Resizing

VIP Meitu APK Download New Version provides you with the option of resizing and compressing your pics, which makes them great for sharing on social media or using for sending messages across messaging apps among others. Limited sizes to select from or you can from though you can define the overall size and quality specifically.

Doodles Tools

Instead of using just the ordinary drawing tools, Meitu App offers you a chance to use doodle tools that will add creativity to your photos. Figuring out whether you like to draw over images, develop some original artwork, or add hand-drawn crafts there are a host of possibilities.

How to Download the Meitu App from Playstore?

  • First of all, go to your android phone’s play store.
  • Tab on the search bar and type “Meitu” and press enter.
  • In Play store’s interface, find the Meitu APK and hit on it.
  • Tab on the install button and wait for installation.
  • Once downloaded and installed, open it and enjoy your editing.

How to Use Meitu APK?

  • Meitu APK VIP Unlocked comes in use naturally and effortlessly. After getting the app, download and install it, and then start it by moving the finger to the home screen. 
  • From this dashboard you can style your picture using the beauty camera, photo editor and collage maker together with other options.
  • To take a selfie with the Beauty camera app, tap the camera and play with flash and creative features before clicking. 
  • For editing existing photos, click on VIP photo editor, select a photograph from gallery and do gran nas.m filters, text and stickers to uplift it
  • After finishing the editing, however, you can save it to any of your devices’ storage, or you can send or post it to any of your chosen social media networks. 

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Pricing of Meitu APK

The Basic version of Meitu APK is free for all and everyone can get it from the Google Play Store easily. However, the premium version of Meitu App Latest Version has subscription based plans. These planes are:

Monthly Subscription Plan$5.49
Three Month  Subscription Plan$12.99
Yearly Subscription Plan$31.49
Subscription Charges of Meitu APK

What is Meitu Mod APK?

The “Meitu MOD APK” typically stands for a modified package kit (APK) file for the Meitu Android app. Meitu Premium APK Free Download is well-known for its high-performance photo alteration software that comprises not only the beautification tools, artistic filters, as well as the advanced corrections, but also many other features which users may have access to while using the app. This app for a favorable selfie processing, excellent visual effects creation and sharing pictures via social networks has gained a high popularity.

The modified version of the software, as well as called the Meitu Pro Mod APK Latest Version, generally has additional features which are granted to users and a wide range of preferences at no charge without the need of making a subscription of $31.49.

Though many popular social media platforms offer a basic set of free tools, it is often possible to unlock these, as well as other exclusive filters and effects, after making some modifications, some of which can only be accessed by paying users. Also, the Modified apps (Mod APKs) could get rid of the advertisements making a more pleasant and comfortable user.

Meitu Mod APK

Premium Features of Meitu Mod APK

Premium Features Unlocked

Through Meitu Mod APK VIP Unlocked, you actually get all the advantages of the Top features of the app that would otherwise be reserved for paying customers. These tools include advanced editing – high-quality filters and unique effects that, in fact, make photo and video editing experience more convenient by themselves, without any extra cost.

Offline Editing Mode

There may be an offline mode available in the Meitu Premium APK Download, which will enable users to modify their photos and videos without a requirement of an internet connection. This is useful to those who are traveling or in locations with limited interconnection, especially in such a user, the media editing will continue uninterrupted.

Cloud Storage Integration

With the Meitu Premium APK VIP Unlocked, some of the characteristics are advanced cloud storage integration. This makes it easy for the users to move their edited pictures and videos to any device or keep them in the cloud. Backup and Share is a feature that allows the users a secure and convenient way to back up their work and to make it widely available on different platforms.

Unlimited Access to Overlay Stickers 

The Meitu Premium APK Mod however lets one unlock extra features meaning installing more stickers and enjoying AR effects. This helps users to be creative while adding variety to their photos and video creations. They have an option of using attractive elements such as stickers, music, and augmented reality to spice up their work, with the end result being more entertaining and to their satisfaction.

Enhanced Beauty Tools

Meitu Premium APK 2024 develops a beauty suite that has won it a vast fan base. The mod APK pushes it further by unlocking some and delivering even enhanced tools. Users can have deeper control and more powerful beauty effects, like skin smoothing and eyes enlarging and face slimming, to make them have that perfect look.

Unlimited Backgrounds & Templates

Meitu Mod APK Download usually brings an improved catalog of backgrounds and templates which are pretty often blocked or can only be bought as separate items in the basic application. By this way extra resources can be obtained and used by users to impressively embellish their pics as well as videos with unique and smart designs.

Ad-Free Experience

It has been said to be the favored action in the Meitu Premium Mod APK Latest Version to the elimination of all such ads. The app does not have intrusive ads that break into editing, users can do that without getting annoyed. So, the process to edit becomes more efficient and fun.

Animated Effects

Some APK versions of Meitu Mod Pro APK have unique animations sparingly which can be used to make photos and videos appear special and different from the original. They contribute as dynamic and lively factors that make this content eye-catching and involve more attention to it.

Tips for taking full advantage of Meitu Mod APK

Optimization Tips

  • Regular Updates: Keeping the application up to date is to enjoy all the features and changes added in latest versions.
  • Experiment with Tools: Give yourself more complex challenges by trying new programs and effects to become more skilled.
  • Follow Tutorials: Unlike before you might find necessity now to begin the search for numerous online tutorials which can help you learn how to get the most of the features of the Meitu application.

Best Practices

  • Save Edits Regularly: Keep your work safe by frequently creating checkpoints or save points.
  • Use High-Quality Images: First up, go for the high-res photos to perfect the outcomes.
  • Stay Safe: Take precautionary measures against security issues to save your device and data.

Comparison between Official Meitu & Meitu Mod APK

FeaturesMeitu OfficialMeitu Mod APK
CostFree downloading and using in-app purchases required for premium features available.As this is free and you may use everything without having to pay, with the possibility for the free version to have premium features without payment.
AdvertisementMay contain advertisements to be displayed in the app.Advertisements are usually turned off – resulting in an ad-free atmosphere.
Premium FeaturesHigh end features look for either purchasing or subscribing.Usually no fee has to be paid to use the premium features.

Filters and Effects
Filters and effects limited choice set available.Introduced a larger library of filters and effects, including a number of exclusive options.
Usage restrictionsAccording to the app store terms of service pertaining to use restrictions.Users may also be able to tailor-make and customize the applications based on their preferences.

Pros & Cons of Meitu Mod APK


  • Users access premium features for free.
  • No digital watermark on edited photos.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Ad-free experience.


  • Lack of official support.
  • Compatibility challenge with other devices.

How to Download the Meitu Mod APK?

For Android

  • In the very first step, Go to the “” website.
  • Open the website and click on the Download button.
  • After download, go to your mobile settings and  enable the “install apps from unknown resource” option.
  • Now, click on the downloaded file and tap on the install button, your app will be installed.

For PC

  • After installation of an emulator for any Android like Bluestats or NoxPlayer and then login with your Gmail account.
  • Go to the “meituapp. net” website using emulator. Then, click on the ‘download for PC’ button.
  • Find the downloaded Meitu APK file on your PC and double-click on it to install it.
  • In the next step, follow the guidelines that will be shown on screen and install it successfully.

What’s New in v10.13.6?

  • AI Art: Explore the ultra-cute 3D environment inspired by ‘Clay and Felt Filters’!
  • Wallpapers: Introduces a lot of new desktop wallpaper; supports mobile model previews for convenient wall paper changes.
  • Lipstick: Select “Color,” “Texture” and “Blending”- and change between a glossy, a matte, or a mirror-like surface at the touch of a button.
  • Expression: This new AI feature ‘Open Eyes’ means no more photos with closed eyes!
  • iPhone Mode: Enhancements for highly demanded models which include iPhone 4s, 5s, 11 Pro and 15 Pro.

Download Meitu Mod Pro APK

Latest version of Meitu Premium Pro APK – v10.13.6


Alternatives of Meitu Pro APK

Facetune AI


YouCam Makeup


Meitu Mod APK for PC

Download Meitu Mod APK for PC opens a door to enhanced features of a photo editing app for desktop and laptop users. Through Android emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayers, the Meitu Pro Mod APK intended for PCs versions can be installed and played, allowing users to enjoy larger screens and stronger hardware for a more comfortable photo editing. Such a sixth.1 mod version gives the user the advantage to access unlocked premium features, ad-free interface and variety of filters apart from effects. It is lean on power and configuration of the system, which are quite similar to the traditional PC environment.

Meitu Mod APK for iOS

iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of the Meitu Mod APK for iOS and enjoy the useful photo and videos editing features that the famous Meitu app offers. On the website, just a click away, this one has everything that you need to lift your snaps to the professional-level and add that wow factor – a fully-featured toolbox for photo filters, beauty-enhancers and artistic edits. Whether you want to improve your selfie or produce the best masterpieces in colleges or apply the animated realities, Meitu for iOS swings in with the handier interface and gives many options to fill your creative gaps. Take advantage of photo editing on iOS with the aid of one of the most versatile and most loved apps that allow for any kind of adjustments.

Meitu Mod APK for Old Versions

The Meitu Mod APK VIP Unlocked Old version are not only compatible with some devices but also for users who prefer the earlier iterations because of compatibility or personal preference. The older versions on the modified APK can give a simple interface, capabilities that are not there anymore, or better performance on the older devices. Users can easily download and install older versions from third-party sites as they have the privilege of using the mod and getting the same old experience which they are already accustomed with. This feature may especially count for those who had problems with the new Meitu Mod APK Premium Unlocked updates or who like the layout and tools of the older versions of Meitu better.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the Meitu Mod APK proves itself to be an irresistible destination for users, who expect to use the enhanced photo editing features without being confined by the extra paid subscriptions or the intrusive ads. By means of its premium features incorporation, watermark removal, and smooth editing experience Meitu Mod APK Latest Version Download widens the creative sphere for photographers and enthusiasts alike. 

Hence, those who long for an extraordinary result in photo editing, Meitu Mod APK VIP Unlocked represents an effective helpmate to travel along with you towards a real visual accomplishment. The app includes a comprehensive arsenal of modern visual tools, which together with the sophisticated effects and user-friendly interface allow users to materialize their artistic aspirations. 

Whether you’re polishing portraits, covering landscapes with outstanding scenery, or trying new styles of art, Meitu Premium APK has the tools and style you need to boundlessly express yourself. Follow us for new updates and get to know the group of Meitu Mod APK fans as together we try making the new painting trends possible.


If the Mod APK freezes, remove and reinstall it or wait for a new version. Mod APKs are not officially encouraged and have to be downloaded from third parties.

Mod APKs need to be updated for modified versions which can be downloaded from They cannot turn on the automatic update feature from the Play Store.

The safety of the Mod APK depends on where the file was obtained. Downloading from It is the risk-free and authoritative websites that are offering me Eu Meitu mod apk.

If the Meitu Mod APK file is obtained from unknown sources, then it can have certain dangers and threats. It is always essential to download from the original source and scan using an antivirus.

The Mod APK will not interfere with the original Meitu app, but it is advised to delete the official app and then install the Mod APK.

No, you don’t have to restart the Android device to install the Meitu Mod APK. It is as simple as allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device settings.