Meitu APK For iOS

If you are interested in boosting your photo editing experience on iOS, you can download Meitu APK from here to access the Premium version, numerous filters, additional functionalities, and high-quality output.

Key Features

  • AI Photo Studio
  • AI Object Removal
  • No Ads
  • No watermal

Download Meitu APK For iOS – Latest Version – 2024

Meitu App is a photo editing application that continues to grow and undergo changes like other similar applications. With more than 100 million downloads, Meitu APK has been consistently praised for its powerful tools and user-friendly functionality capable of turning regular pictures into works of art.

Android users enjoy modded APKs which gives them access to premium apps without paying for them but in most cases this scenario is hard to come in the iOS operating system due to the high security measures by Apple inc. This article will discuss what Meitu Mod APK for iOS provides and how to install it, as well as some potential risks associated with the use of the mod.

What is Meitu App iOS?

Meitu App for iPhone/iPad is a user-friendly Photo Editor & Beauty Camera that is optimized for everyone who prefers using Apple mobile devices. It provides beautifying and image improving features such as filters, effects, enhancements, beauty features, and simple editing.

The Meitu APK for iOS platform is designed to edit and enhance photos by applying makeup, adding stickers, and text; create collages; edit and compose videos; and perform other operations. The app is currently free on the Apple App Store and used by people who wish to improve their pictures before they upload them to social media or send them to their contacts.

Meitu APK for iOS

Features of Meitu for iOS

ID Photos

One of the iOS features included in Meitu is an ID photo creator. The following are features of this online tool; Users are able to select an ID photo template and later edit the template depending on the requirements for example passport photo, drivers license photo or visa photo. The app will also make sure the photo is of the right size and background and can feature in the official identification document of the user.

AI Photo Studio

Meitu AI Photo Studio for iOS is an AI-powered function that applies optimization to pictures taken by the user. Nowadays, more sophisticated algorithms are capable of recognizing and enhancing various elements of the image, such as exposure, contrast, white balance, and even overall focus. This way the users are able to have results that are as good as what a professional would produce with little effort on their part.

AI Object Removal

As for the iOS operating system, Download Meitu application that offers an artificial intelligence function for photo editing with the help of which you can easily remove various objects and even people from a photo. The app is able to identify the image and mask the background of the removed object ensuring there are no two images seamlessly; thereby producing a professional picture.


Download Meitu APK for iOS provides a Galleria of high-resolution Wallpapers for users to Download and apply to their devices. The app offers a wide variety of wallpapers, from beautiful nature views, colorful abstracts, and even adorable illustrations. People view the chosen choice and choose a wallpaper that they like and want to put in the background of their iPhone or iPad.

AI Animation

The AI Animation function can assist individuals to utilize photographs as their source materials to produce animated pictures with the support of Meitu APK for iOS. The users who are interested in animated pictures can pick animation styles one by one to apply to their pictures so as to transform their images into animated pictures.

Watermark Removal

One more interest of the Meitu APK for iOS application is if a user is able to remove photos with watermarks. It is a problem that many users face – a watermark from the app itself or another one is sometimes added to the picture automatically, and it takes just a couple of clicks to take it off completely, so that the picture is ready to be posted on social media.

All these features shape an opportunity to think of Meitu APK for iOS as a photo editing tool that could be useful for different user groups, from simple picture-takers to advanced graphic designers. Meitu APK for iOS is an application focusing on photo enhancement utilizing artificial intelligence and multimedia technologies that aim to provide users with the desired outcome for photos with minimal effort.

How to download and install Meitu APK For iOS?

Step-1: Open the App Store:

  • Open the App store on an iOS device by clicking the App store icon.

Step-2: Search for Meitu:

  • It is at the bottom of your screen type the text “Meitu” and hit either enter or search button.

Step-3: Find the Meitu App:

  • The app search result will reflect several apps with varying names but connected with Meitu.
  • Look for an application labeled ‘Meitu’ which is offered by ‘Meitu(China) Limited’.
  • It mostly has a pink icon with a white “M” in the middle.

Step-4: Download and Install:

  • After you locate the Meitu official icon, press on it to view the App Store page for the Meitu official.
  • Then, tap the ‘Get’ button or the cloud icon with an arrow for the app’s redownload just right next to its name.
  • Or, if prompted, enter your Apple ID password – or use Face ID/Touch ID – to verify and download the item.

Step-5: Wait for Installation:

  • It will now begin installing the software on your device as well as download the necessary files.
  • Kindly wait for the extension to install although it is a process that may last for a few seconds depending on your connection.

Step-6: Open Meitu:

  • Upon successful installation, Meitu will be displayed in the list of applications handy in your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Their icons are displayed where you can click to launch an application.

Step-7: Sign In or Sign Up (Optional):

  • For those who use Meitu for the first time there may appear the window with the offer to either enter another account which you already have or to create the account.
  • Not required and the user can skip to step 4 if you prefers to use the app without an account.

Step-8: Start Editing:

  • After the Meitu app has been successfully installed, you can now start to learn more and more about this app, and take advantage of this Meitu app to its maximum extent as you continue to beautify your photos.

System requirements for Meitu APK For iOS

System RequirementRequiredRecommended
Operating SystemiOS 12.0 or lateriOS 14.0 or later
Compatible DevicesiPhone, iPad, iPod touchiPhone 8 or later, iPad Pro (all models)
RAM1 GB or more2 GB or more
Storage SpaceAt least 100 MB of available space500 MB or more
Internet ConnectionRequired for downloading and updatesHigh-speed internet connection recommended
Screen ResolutionAt least 640 x 1136 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels or higher
ProcessorApple A9 chip or laterApple A11 chip or later

Meitu APK For iOS


Five ways to unlock the power of Meitu APK for iOS

To get the most out of Meitu, consider the following tips:

  • Test and apply various filters and effects that will suit your taste and help to find your style of art.
  • Apply some more editing techniques such as advanced tools required for the last details that will make your picture look professionally edited.
  • You can use collage and layout features to add text, special effects, stickers, and other elements that’ll make it your own.
  • I encourage you to look into AI enhancements to enhance your editing and achieve spectacular results with minimal work.
  • Use your social network to post the pictures after editing so that you share your talents with people and those who love photography.

Pros & Cons Of Meitu APK For iOS


  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Meitu is another unique feature that is very easy to understand. The app is user friendly because the developers made it in such a way that it could be used by even beginners. As a first time or experienced user of Meitu, its interface is straightforward with clear iconola and icons helpful for all users.
  • Extensive Editing Tools: Meitu is actually a tough competitor because it provides plenty of editing tools. The range of beauty filter options available includes beauty filters that will smooth out your skin, brighten eyes, and even change hair color. Moreover, editing methods that involve settings for exposure, contrast, and saturation enable the user to achieve greater accuracy and flexibility in personalizing his photos.
  • AI-Powered Enhancements: Artificial intelligence comes into play regarding automatic photo enhancement that Meitu is able to provide, helping the user get a better picture with almost no effort. The improved Beautify feature can be triggered automatically upon detecting faces and can be used to apply skin smoothing and brighten faces and sharpen facial features for a polished look.
  • Creative Features: For those looking to be fun for example they provide tools like rearrangement of pictures in a collage format and addition of special effects. They can mosaic several pictures and create collages, add picture tints and apply other artistic effects to their images.
  •  Social Sharing Capabilities:Meitu does an excellent job of social integration; pictures created on the application can simply be shared on other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The app also has a community where members can post their representation and share challenges and ideas with others.
  • Regular Updates and Improvements: I have discovered that Meitu is always keen on updating the app with a number of changes and improvement suggestions from clientele. This is a commitment to ensuring that users always have newer and better tools or a change in the method in which a tool works.


  • App Purchases and Associated Charges: Meitu provides a free application but has a complete package available on a paid subscription system on top of in-app upgrade offerings. This can be a disadvantage to users who would not like to pay to access extra features unlike the free photo editor software.
  • Compatibility Issues: Meitu may not function in all devices and is ideal only for new IOS devices or those with updated software. Individuals who also use outdated devices will also have shortened session durations as a result of lagging or crashing which can be associated with a poor user experience of the application.


Meitu APK for iOS is a fun photo editor that provides users with tons of options that make the process of editing and sharing pictures much easier and more enjoyable. Meitu APK is a popular app for iOS users that easily meets their interest in modern photo editing as it provides a convenient and comprehensive interface, and AI-powered and creative tools. The app continually receives updates and the promise of technological advancements means you always have the most up-to-date photo editing app at your fingertips.

I can recommend Meitu as an option here for those of you who want to improve your selfies or even for you professional photographers who need a tool to make editing of your images easier. If you are windows users then you can download Meitu Mod APK for PC from here. If you are looking for the best photo editing application that is easy to operate with a lot of useful and powerful features then Meitu APK for iOS is an application that you should look into.


Yes, Meitu works fine on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch-powered iPhone running iOS 12. 0 or later.

However several things can be done offline including but not limited use of available filters, one also needs to connect to the internet to download new filters and also share the photos on their social platforms.

Yes, there is, and it is free to use with a whole lot of features from Meitu. More enhanced functions can either be paid for – through micro-charges – or by a subscription.

Try various filters to make photos look unique, work with the editing tools if needed and improve the pictures using collages and filters to make them original creations.

In order to get customer support from Meitu through the app options or check on the official Meitu website for more information.