Alternatives of Meitu Mod APK

Top 07 Alternatives of Meitu APK in 2024

If you’re searching for the best Meitu-like apps then you are at the right place. From my experience using many photo editing apps, the following is what worked best, is easy to use, and produces quality results. Although Meitu has served as the most used app with its great features like beauty filters and various editing tools, there are still other apps which are noteworthy.

Below I have enlisted the top nine best Meitu APK alternatives that can add the finishing touches to your photos. Here are best photo editing applications that offer you most sought after editing tools like smart editing tools, creative filters or simple and easy to use tools.

Best Alternatives of Meitu

  • PicsArt
  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • VSCO
  • Prisma
  • Canva
  • Fotor

1. PicsArt

Pics art

PicsArt has various useful features, which make it stand out from other photo-editing applications. Aconairy It offers filters, stickers, the text, and an overlay, as well as a collage creator. As interesting as the unique selection of filters, the drawing tool is the second worth mentioning as users can create their art directly on the pictures.

  • Based on my own observations, in returning to this second installment, I have found that the easy navigation, a plethora of tools and a general design that could easily pose as a worthy competitor to Meitu.
  • The most beneficial of the five is the social element, encouraged by the use of creativity and improved interaction.

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is a simple, yet professional photo editor created by Google that can easily be described as stripped-down. It can mean such enhanced features as selective areas, editing, and such a number of filters. The application’s user interface is elegant and straightforward, thus enabling sophisticated editing work even among the inexperienced individuals.

  • They also noted that using Snapseed, the application provided a lot of control of edits since they were highly precise.
  • The selective adjustment tool is another that has been noteworthy because it enables users to sharpen areas of an image without much difficulty.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe lightroom

Lightroom by itself is one of the most professional-level photo editing programs, encompassing various options and functions for photographs. It provides additional features that include professional enhancements, and set-up. Another one is integration with the cloud storage that allows synchronizing the edited images.

  • After having worked with Adobe Lightroom, it helps having a robust editing tool alongside the program’s ability to easily synchronize with other Adobe products.
  • Another useful feature of Lightroom is the use of presets for maintaining continuity of the kind of looks acquired by photographs.



VSCO is unique and distinctive since it can be used as both a photo editing app and as a social media. It was predominantly used for its results in imitating the appearance of films of high standard that Luminar offers. Interestingly, VSCO also has the usual filters for brightening the image, improving contrast, levels of colors and other usual settings.

  • Overall, I can state that the usage of VSCO was a positive one, and the filters specifically stood out to me.
  • It also does not bundle the user with features that most of the time clog an application and complicate its basic functions: a feature that is found in many apps, including the expensive Adobe Premiere.

5. Prisma


Prisma turns your photos into masterpiece art resembling works of different artists. It is AI based and hence enables one to apply artistic filters leading to creative and awesome graphics. It also provides the option to fine-tune the picture, the final result of which is supposed to be altered but not exceedingly so.

  • In every case, utilizing Prisma has been rather thrilling.
  • The artistic filters do not resemble other ordinary picture effects, in fact there is more imagination added to it especially for social media purposes.

6. Canva


Canva is not just a photo editor as many may assume but rather a multipurpose design software. It has a range of templates depending on one’s design needs such as a post on social media, a presentation, or a poster. It also has features that enable different image adjustments to be made on the photos that are incorporated. Meitu and Canva Comparsion which one brings into focus that the programs offer different features and operations.

  • In my experience, Canva is one of the most valuable tools I use because it is specially designed for versatility.
  • It is user-friendly as it has multiple templates with a vast assortment of elements, and the font selection helps in coming up with sleek logo designs.

7. Fotor


Fotor is also an online photo editing program as well as a graphic designing software which also provides an application for mobile devices. They give editing tools like HDR effects, beauty retouching and Creative Filter etc. Besides, with the help of Fotor users also can create collages and use various design templates.

  • It can be said that I was not completely disappointed with Fotor as it has made me realize that the HDR effect adds tremendously to the depth and detail of images.
  • It can be observed that the quick access to select features at one place is very helpful for doing any sort of editing.

Final Verdict

Even though Meitu APK is still an excellent and widely used photo editor, these alternatives of Meitu are all valuable in their own right for their various features and uses. Starting with the striking and straightforward interface of Adobe Lightroom to the vivid and passionately executed artwork of Prisma, each app offers its own unique factor.

From personal experience, using these apps proves how simple they are to use, yet how smart they are in terms of function and how brilliantly these can help in creating refined images which are more sophisticated, thus making these highly recommended for anyone wanting to try photo editing.


PicsArt is a powerful editor with many more options for editing stickers and photo, the strong community for sharing and discovering new content, as well as a polished interface that are all valuable assets to compare with Meitu.

Selective adjustments and healing may be one of the stand-out features available in Snapseed that effectively considers the professional photographers where one can use each button with extraordinary effects in a clean and easy to navigate interface.

Therefore, Adobe Lightroom is a good software for beginner photographers since it comes with presets that are easy to apply by just dragging them across the interface but at the same time contains some of the most advanced tools for professional photographers.

VSCO offers its well-claimed filters that provide the analog film mood together with basic correcting tools for exposure, contrast, and color balance.

A smartphone application, Prisma remains popular today, employing artificial intelligence to turn images into pieces of art in styles of iconic painters while offering a splash of individuality that sets it apart from other platforms popular with social networks.

Canva makes available a broad range of templates and design tools appropriate for creating posts for social media, presentations and many others; in addition, the photo editor function is highly developed.

There are several factors which make Fotor very useful; these are the highlighter which makes use of HDR effects, the beauty retouch, and the filters which have a wide variety and can be used in an online as well as in mobile.

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