Meitu vs Canva

Meitu Vs Canva: Which one is Best for You in 2024?

As creative tools are advancing in the digital realm, determining Meitu vs Canva which one should best serve your needs for photo editing and graphic design is challenging. Out of all the contenders the two most likely contenders are Meitu and Canca which also brings into focus that both the programs offer different features and operations.

This article is an elaborative comparison of the two tools that will assist you in eradicating your floating and choosing a better analytical tool for you.

What is Meitu?

Meitu, as the name suggests is an application for image enhancing developed by Meitu Inc. , is widely used and widely popular, especially in the Asia region. Mainly recognized for the professional blotch filters and the application of artificial intelligence to enhance the images, Meitu APK is the tool that facilitates turning ordinary pictures into works of art.

Originally, the network site was designed to offer basic cropping options, but over the years it has evolved to become very popular due to numerous cutting features.

What is Canva?

Canva is an Australia-based project that started in 2013 that aims at providing a solution for non-designers when it comes to creating stunning designs. Canva has an interface that allows the users to change the position of the objects anywhere on the design.

It is stocked full with numerous templates and design features suitable for creating anything from social media banners to business pitches. The smooth interface and massive stock of templates explain why Canva is the app and site of choice for people and companies.

Meitu vs Canva

Comparison of Meitu vs canva

User Interface & Experience


The UI is very stylish and easy to navigate, which has become the trademark feature of Meitu apps. First about the design of the app; it does not need much explanation as it has comprehensible icons and the options and menus are easily recognizable. The friendly user interface is however easy to understand even if you are new and for the professional users it is easy to edit using the Meitu as compared to the other uses.


The interface of Canva is also friendly and, following the tradition of other graphic designing applications, is drag and drop based. The working space is maximally organized – all the necessary elements are located at a convenient place: templates, design elements, editorial tools. One of the many plus qualities of Canva is the company’s web-interface, which is equally facile for both novices and professionals in the field of design.

Comparison of Usability

While both platforms are user-friendly, Meitu has a more evident focus on the photo editing as a primary feature, which may make the application more user-friendly for those who would like to maximize photo adjustment. While Canva’s set of features may be slightly more limited in this aspect, its stronger suite of design tools may need a bit more searching to find.

Photo Editing Capabilities


You might have heard or read about Meitu being a well-known application that offers a full set of tools for photo editing. Key features include:

  • AI-powered beauty filters.
  • High level of enhanced touch-ups and modifications (face and body smoothing, lip or teeth whitening, etc.).
  • Artistic effects and filters
  • Collage maker
  • Background remover


Thus, although it is primarily a design tool, Canva has a wide range of basic photo editing tools. These include:

  • The basic steps to revisit (brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Filters and effects
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Background removal
  • Layer management

Comparison of Editing Features

With one on one comparison, it can be noted that Meitu contains wonderful editing tools and more precisely it is specified for photo enhancement. For example, Canva offers a wider array of design elements and that is why the program successfully incorporates them into photo editing tools.

Graphic Design Features


  • Text overlays
  • Stickers and clipart
  • Frames and borders
  • Drawing tools


  • Extensive template library
  • Customizable design elements
  • Text formatting and effects
  • Professional layout options

Comparison of Design Tools

Hence, from finding out the difference between Canva and other graphic design applications, it is quite clear that Canva offered more extensive editing options to create a spectrum of designs. That being said, even though it has improved, Meitsu still seems to be more focused on photos.

Creative Resources & Templates


Meitu comes equipped with different choices of templates and creative tools that can help in photo editing. These include seasonal templates, stickers that are theme related, and special effects that are usually in sets.


To preview Canva’s capabilities, one should know that templates offered are in the range of thousands and cover social media posters, presentations, flyers, and many others. The plethora of resources in the platform is dynamic with regard to design trends to ensure that it adjusts to the competition.

Availability & Quality Comparison

Regular updates of Canva’s designs and a vast selection offer it the status of a powerful platform with the necessary means for designing. Compared to Zhao Minute, which offers an advanced search based on photo-related templates, Guidance about Meitu what offers how to use more targeted, but equally high-quality choices.

Ease of Use


One of the main things that most users should understand is how effective Meitu is because most of it is easy to learn. Another advantage is an interface of the application which does not strike users with a complex complicated design.


There is also relativisation in terms of interaction, which may be a sign of the fact that Canva has more tools to explore, so it takes more time to do that. But still, Canva has many tutorials to guide the new users and a community to assist.

User-Friendliness Comparison

While both apps are somewhat easy to use, Meitu has a very narrow set of tools and thus can easily be mastered. While Canva might be a little bit more complex in terms of functionality, it appears to do pretty much everything that a user needs.

Mobile & Desktop Compatibility


Meitu is a mobile application that is available for PC from where it can be used by downloading an android emulator. Thus, the mobile app has fairly good performance since it did not experience any issues during the testing phase.


Canva is available to use in two platforms mobile and web though it is advised to use it in web. The web interface and these mobile apps are completely integrated, ensuring that the overall look and feel is consistent with the browser version regardless of whether you are using a tablet or smartphone.

Performance & Consistency Comparison

Another advantage of Canva is the cross-platform compatibility and more importantly, it is a web-based tool that ensures almost similar level of performance on different operating systems. This conception is evident in the functionality of Meitu, which has a great interface for mobiles but needs further actions to be used on PC.

Pricing & Subscription Plans


It has the standard or basic app which is free and has pro features and additional resources included in the Meitu VIP package. The additional premium version is relatively cheap, especially when it comes to the people who will finish a large number of surveys per week.


Canva offers a free version that has a wide range of tools and options and the possibility to upgrade to the Pro version to use more sophisticated and unique tools. Essentially, Canva Pro is a bit pricier but the upgrade makes a lot of sense especially for users who run a design business.

Value for Money Comparison

If the subscription options are still too much to spend then the good news is that both of these platforms are quite useful even in their free version. Since Meitu offers a lower price range, it can be considered as more suitable for people who enjoy photo editing and work with pictures, while Canva targets customers who would have to pay more to get access to such a wide range of design options.

Customer Support & Community


Meitu has several channels of customer support for users, which include a help section, tutorials and direct contacts within the app and portal. There is a trend toward developing a community-based approach – forum and social networks’ groups.


Even though Canva is very easy to use and navigate, there is plenty of support available, such as help center, tutorials, webinars, and the vested forum. The active user community is also seeking a helping hand and inspiration in the ongoing processes.

Community Engagement & Resources

Thus, Canva demonstrated excellent results in this aspect, especially due to the website’s well-developed support and a helpful community. Interestingly, Meitu has strong support when it comes to its backing but relatively weaker ground in terms of the community.

My Opinion

Overall, I have found Meitu to have excellent photo editing features, especially when it comes to optimizing pictures taken using the selfie and portrait modes. On the other hand, while Canva is perfect for general design tasks, it can simultaneously be quite confusing for anyone because of a great number of options.

Final Verdict

Both Meitu and Canva are great tools for design and in the context of this comparison of the two design platforms, can only be said to have their different strengths. Overall, in customizing the picture, it is recommended for those with keen interest in editing photos thanks to its advanced features and clean user interface.

Through the access to a variety of features and materials as well as advanced design tools available in Canva, this platform is most suitable for users in need of creating a wide range of design tasks.However, for users who want an app mainly for editing and enhancing their photos, such as fine-skinned faces, then Meitu is the winner.

Versatile in its usage, fairly-priced, and equipped with robust editing features, it provides efficient support for easy photo improvement. This time if you require a versatile tool for doing practical graphic designs you cannot ignore Canva, but if the priority is on photo editing then there can be no better choice other than Meitu.


Yes, Meitu is a mobile application which can also be used in PC using Android emulators only. As much as it is applicable on Android and iOS, it also operates on browsers on both mobile and web.

While Canva’s capabilities are excellent for basic graphic design, more professional users will benefit from tools offered in Canva Pro. In my opinion, face beauty is more prominent in Meitu as compared to selfies.

Yes, there is a free version of Meitu available but in which you aren’t going to get all the advanced features. Some tools and resources which are found in the advanced sections are exclusive to subscribers.

Compared to Canva’s Pro offering, which also offers a wealth of design assets and editing tools, Meitu’s premium subscription has been found to carry a lower price tag. However, with Canva, customers are ultimately provided with more comprehensive graphic design capabilities to justify the cost.

Yes, all the given features of Meitu are available for premium subscribers only, called Meitu VIP subscription. The freemium version is a more basic level of service.

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