How to use Meitu APK

How to Use Meitu APK? – A Complete Guide – 2024

If you want to turn your ordinary photos into true works of art, then we’re here to help. If you are a fan of Meitu and want to have something more than Meitu Xposed to edit pictures, then, the Meitu APK is one of the best ways that one can harness the inner artist in editing. Moreover, having an abundance of features, as well as simple controls, you can effectively improve all your favorite photos with the help of Meitu.

How to Use Meitu APK?

In this comprehensive tutorial, we are going to take you through the next step on how to start importing photos and applying various filters and effects, as well as how to enter the captions and save and share your marvelous work with others. Meitu is the best editing app with user friendly interface but their are Top Alternatives of Meitu APK.

How to Import Photos into Meitu?

  • Meitu has been developed by Meitu Inc., the Chinese tech company. Launch the Meitu app on your gadget if it is not opened yet.
  • If you’re using the Android device, click on the “Import” or “Add Photo” to open the picture gallery.
  • Look for the pictures you want to alter and click on that particular picture you want to make changes to.
  • For instance, after having been chosen by a user, the photo and the associated thumbnail will be processed and opened into the editing space of Meitu for further adjustments.

In terms of using features, such as the importation of photos into the Meitu, I am as well satisfied with this. Selecting photos in the gallery is as simple as clicking and touching the screen so after several touches, I can select the desired image to edit. The layout of the app is simple and quite intuitive since I do not need to search for the next photo or zoom in and out by struggling with the settings – all I need to do is unleash my creativity.

How to use Meitu APK

How to Apply Filters and Effects?

  • Once you have imported your photo, go to “ Filters ” or “ Effects ” to behold the full list of options that Meitu offers.
  • To do this, visit the Meitu and scroll through various filters and effects categories ranging from Vintage, Retro, or Artistic and others.
  • To add a filter, effect, or adjust the properties of the picture, tap on it once.
  • When adding a filter or an effect, adjust the intensity with the help of the slider positioned underneath until you achieve the desired result.
  • Adjust various filter options on the image and apply available effects in order to achieve the expected results.

The most suitable aspect that I like most in Meitu is that there are numerous filters and kinds of effects. Under Filters you can find a wide range of choices starting with the basic color enhancements to artistic touches you want in your image Meitu. This is something that gives me a lot of joy especially when trying to come up with a new style by rigging different things in order to result in interesting visuals.

How to Add Text and Captions?

  • On the toolbar or in the top toolbar, click on the icon that says “Text,” “Type,” “Add Text,” or a similar phrase.
  • Please type in the text box the text you would like to convert in the next steps.
  • The formatting tools allow you to underlining, Capitals, bolding the text and even changing the color and the size of the text as well as the alignment.
  • You can bring the text box anywhere around the photo just by dragging and resizing simply by dragging it with the cursor.

I try to use different types of font and styling to be able to choose the best that fits the texture of the text. Through using the Meitu app, I realized how much I enhance my pictures by typing in text messages or captions. The text editing interface of the app is quite straightforward and even if it is not professional, the dozens of options provided can allow me to change the style of the letters in order to best fit the rest of my photo.

How to Apply Filters and Effects?

  • After that, you can use the ‘Save’ or ‘Share’ button concisely visible at the bottom of the screen of your device.
  • Get to the next window and select the quality and size of an image that you want to save.
  • Choose the location you desire to save the modified photo like, gallery, Google drive, or even local storage of the device.
  • If exhibiting, choose the destination of where the photo will be shared such as on a social media site or a messaging app.
  • Before posting the photograph, one can type additional captions or tags if required before sharing it.

Meitu’s last two features involve saving edited photos to my device library and, finally, sharing those creations with others. Using Meitu to enhance the appearance of selfies and shared images is a great way to share my creative side with the world, including friends and other followers online as well as save some pictures for future use on the device.


In the end, I will say that the Meitu APK is much more than just an application for post processing photographs; in fact, it is a whole world of creativity where one can let one’s creative streak run wild. While the application comes with pre-set editing tools and templates, its customizable features, stylized and spacious interface, and the share button make Meitu an effective tool in helping users achieve their desired results.

Whether you are a professional photographer who wants to optimize your concerned portfolio list or an enthusiastic amateur who is further interested to have a look on the digital artistry then Meitu is an ideal choice for all.

This may be the question you should ask yourself the next time you take a photo during a wedding, birthday party or just a simple family portrait. You can download Meitu APK today to make direct app download on Android devices and enjoy the fascinating voyage of creating more.


Currently, Meitu is aimed at devices running Android and iOS mobile platforms only. If you are interested in using an APK file, there is always an opportunity to download and install it using Android emulators like Bluestacks or Nox Player.

Yes, there is Meitu APK which is available for free download and the access to the different tools and features it offers is free. However, one can always find that there are some features or content on the app, which might be locked and may only be accessed after paying some amount of money or even getting subscription fees within the app.

Yes, when it comes to photo editing, you can also make photo edits with Meitu when you don’t have an internet connection. However, certain elements displayed in the application or some material that the app uploads, including cloud storage or online templates, might not be accessible without an internet connection.

If using these, they should be easily saved by tapping the “Share” button within the app once you are completed with your revisions. But then you’ve the choice to share the photo to other social sites and instant messengers or to save it to the photo gallery of the device.

To my knowledge, Meitu is accessible to download from the Android and Apple store for the iOs devices. To use this app, one can just search with keywords ‘Meitu’ in the App Store or Google Play Store to install this app.

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